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We asked some of our users what they like about BBSCloud and BBS Accounting.

In 2014 I was considering changing our ERP platforms for three of my business. All are office supplies businesses which were acquired at different times so each had different ERP systems.


My main business had a DOS based system, which was old but brilliantly designed and easy to use. I looked at many modern ERP platforms and although they had some impressive features, key functions we needed were lacking.


We were introduced to Chris Revell and BBS and after our first meeting I was confident that BBS could meet our needs. The BBS platform is intuitive and easy to use and is designed with clear logic and well thought out processes. Conversion was accurate to the cent from our legacy ERP. The BBS teams’ ability to manipulate and interpret data for conversion is nothing short of exceptional.


BBS’s simplicity has enabled us to convert new business acquisitions to the BBS platform with no training required for staff. Within a day, new staff are completing basic functions of order entry and order shipping, within a week they are confident to complete most tasks and within a month they are competent to operate all facets of the ERP.


Clearly there are significant efficiency gains with implementing the software, peer to peer comparisons show we currently would have 30% less staff then other businesses in our industry which is bottom line profit. When operated in a cloud environment, you can have complete control of your business from anywhere. You can have off site staff and have further efficiency gains with centralised admin and purchasing if you have multiple locations.


The BBS team have supported us through several business acquisitions and software conversions all of which have been seamless. Chris understands the processes involved in operating a customer focused warehouse management system which aids in our conversions being trouble free.


BBS is the complete package and I could not recommend BBS more highly to anyone looking for an end-to-end software solution.

David Loxton, Owner

Pencraft Office National, Office National Yatala, Office National Capalaba, Dynamic Office National

BBSCloud has been an absolute God send to our business making stock control and stock ordering a breeze.

Since we started using BBSCloud we have managed to cut computer work down allowing us more time to focus on growing our business.

One of the best things about BBSCloud is that we do not have to use any other software to manage our business as payroll, GST and financial reports are all included.

Anthony Eden, Proprietor

Coffs Harbour 4WD Centre

We chose BBS over other ERP’s as BBS comes with a full suite of integration features to interface directly with WebX cutting out a lot of manual processes. BBS also has the “real” flexibility to enable dealers to tailor BBS to their individual needs, including reports and workflows.

The cost of ongoing support is low and you actually feel like you are getting something for that support cost. Our previous ERP had a high cost of ongoing support.

Mario Cinquegrana, Owner

Aztec Office National

Back in 2016, we were in need of updating our POS and accounting system. Running two systems was problematic but we were having trouble finding a suitable POS system that suited our business which includes retail/ wholesale & a manufacturing leg. 
For a small business the options were limited. A friend of mine in the stationery business put me onto Chris at BBS. Chris offered us a complete business package that looked to be perfect for us. 
I had heard many stories of system changeover disasters from my own client base so was nervous initially. Once we got started on the preparation I began to relax as BBS ran through the steps to our “Go Live” date of February 2017. Training was simple and changeover was seamless. My administration hours have since reduced by more than half and up to date information on my business is now at my fingertips. I sit back and wonder how we coped with our old system as there are time savings across the whole business.

Stuart Peacock, Owner

Plastics Plus

Just over 12 months ago we rolled our outdated system over to the Fully Integrated BBS Software, something we regret not doing sooner. This system talks to Office Brands, has daily reports loading into your emails and has a support team second to none. 

I have highlighted Fully Integrated BBS Software because of its importance in our decision to go with BBS after using systems for 20 + years that had clunky extras that gave grief and were expensive to maintain. (Those being Retail Manager, Clear Enterprise and Readysell 7)


The simplicity of BBS as you navigate your way through its pages and the information it provides you are the key essentials to moving your business in the right direction. The transparency of BBS means that you can see what your staff are doing and how your business is operating on a day to day basis. 

As an Owner I receive a minimum of 4 reports at 9pm of an evening and from those reports I know if we have paid more for a product than the portal, any sale product line that has not met our minimum GP, any price increase/decrease of a product line that will affect a contracted price. I am aware of the ratio of back order fulfilment and the number of hours it has taken us to deliver from receipt of order.


The above are just some important business facts that are delivered in a snapshot of 4 reports that can all be assessed in less than 10 minutes each morning.

Our GP has risen, the time management of staff and their daily roles have developed, and the program has helped us reduce our staffing needs by 38 hours per week, which is a substantial saving to this business.


Possibly the best feature of this program is there is no requirement for third party software, meaning there is significant on-going savings in not having to pay for third party Payroll or CRM programs. The saving for CRM alone could be $2,400 PA based on staffing of 6 all using the program.
This feature alone will save any business many thousands of dollars rolled out over a 5-year period.


As a complete ERP system we are enjoying the experience of knowing exactly the status of the company in a live environment.

Lynda Geerlings, Owner

The Paper Bahn Office National

BBS is the best business decision we have ever made!! 


We were introduced to Chris Revell and BBS in March 2016.  We even flew over to Coffs Harbour to meet Chris from country WA after talking on the phone, as BBS was recommended by a friend in the stationery industry.  After our first encounter, we made our decision almost immediately as we were confident, excited and very comfortable that this was the right decision we needed to grow our business.   The beauty was this system was not overwhelming for dinosaurs like us who are not tech savvy!  Chris made us feel at ease and explained his system in a language we could understand to retain the information of how it would be a vital tool to improve our business. 


We started using BBS in May 2016, until then our business although using MYOB, was very manual.   Once implementing BBS it gave us more time to extract reports, have amazing stock control, professional quoting with images, Excel Spread Sheets for almost anything we are wanting to extract out of the system for our business and an ordering system at the press of a button!  Our business has grown strength to strength and we couldn’t have coped with this growth without BBS.  BBS now has made us more efficient, tech savvy and specialists in our field.  There’s been a clear gain in efficiency and cost with the introduction of BBS which has also enabled our business to grow without having to employ extra staff which in turn reflects directly our bottom line.  We have found BBS Software very easy to use and grasp which is definitely an advantage when employing new staff as it doesn’t take long for them to get up to speed.


Our accountants are most impressed with our reports and the payroll side.  They come here to use BBS for the information they need to extract and love the “mini audit of our business” that Chris and his team at BBS prepare!  This is over and above any IT/software service they have ever seen, with the programmer assisting in our figures and sums.  Chris and his team are not only our IT software support but really an extension of our team working for us - with us.  They can tap in and help us where we need it, chat with our book keepers and accountants, providing audit of our business where they see we need to “tidy up” before EOFY.  This saves us both time and money.  Chris helps us with our busy Back to School period and again wears our hat and talks “IT talk” with Office Brands with areas we cannot understand or explain.  The BBS system integrates the spread sheets we type up and seamlessly goes through BBS and then onto our OPD Website…..just like MAGIC!!


Chris and his exceptional team are always at hand for support if required.  We have not experienced the sun going down over here on the West Side and one of the BBS team not getting back to us that same day!  They have the ability also to tailor BBS to dealer’s individual needs.  The integration with Webx and Office Brands data eliminates a lot of manual process also.  If you have something on your “wishlist” tell Chris, and he will endeavour to assess if this something beneficial to ALL BBS USERS, if so he improves the system for everyone’s benefits.  If just for your business alone, it can still be done but in his development time and it then joins the list of improvements he does. 


We cannot speak highly enough of what BBS has enabled our business to become and could not recommend it highly enough for anyone looking at improving their day to day existing systems.


In closing, if you are considering a new POS, Accounting System or ERP platform do yourself a favour and have a conversation with Chris Revell from BBS.  With the changeover there was absolute no “down time” and everything transferred across without a glitch to the cent from 16 years of trading.  We were up and running the very next day, from rolling over everything to our new system, as though we had BBS forever.

Darren and Tracey Jerrard, Owners

Albany Office Products Depot

Total Office National has been a customer of BBS for over 27 years.


Over this time we have seen a constant evolution of the product in line with our business developments and ever changing administrative needs.


The flexibility of the system enables full adaptation of modules for our requirements, whilst providing a streamlined and fully integrated solution for all business operations. Everything from CRM records, stock movement, cash flow and general business functions, right through to the intricate payroll system, are driven centrally via this superior software, leaving nothing needing to be handled outside of the package.


In addition to its functionality, the support staff at BBS HQ, ensure a quick response to queries and are helpful with maximisation in the use of the functions that the system has to offer. Ongoing improvements and upgrades are provided in a manner that is easy to understand and utilise.


BBS has been an invaluable asset in the operation of our business and we confidently recommend BBS to any business.

Vince Davoli, Owner

Total Office National

When we made the decision to join the Office Brands family and open our own shop we then had the big decision of what ERP would be best for our new business.


BBS had been highly recommended to us by another regional WA dealer so we gave them a call.


After speaking to Chris and making the decision to go ahead with BBS we had our next hurdle to face, time constraints. Chris already had training and an implementation booked in for the same time we were going live therefore he was unable to come over and assist us with the implementation in person. Fortunately for us Chris was able to offer us phone training as well as BBS’ vast array of training videos which managed to prepare us for our solo grand opening.


We have now been on BBS for nearly two years and can’t believe how seamlessly it flows and the amount of information you can get from the reports etc.


We could not recommend Chris and the team at BBS strongly enough.

Michael and Tammi Masotto, Owners

Margaret River Office Products Depot

After using Clear for the past 10-15 years, we finally came to the conclusion that there must be a better option. We had wrangled Clear to suit our needs, but due to non-existing training it was never used to it’s full potential yet still incurred a high monthly cost for ‘support’ which we never accessed.

We decided to investigate BBS after hearing some positive comments from other users and it was the best thing we could have done.

Chris started off giving us a brief online run through, and gave us access to a whole raft of training videos so we could make our decision.

The major features that impressed us were: the ability to email invoices, statements etc. direct to the customer as they were created, being able to easily create new products directly from the Ezycode, direct EDI ordering from the major suppliers and an easy to follow ‘Stock Requirements Manager’ to ensure customer back orders weren’t missed and core items were re-ordered, regular automatic website updates directly from Office Brands, printing shelf labels, and a host of other things we now take for granted.

We also decided that after 25 years of using MYOB for our accounting functions we would use the integrated BBS system. This was also a great move. Despite being of ‘mature age’ and definitely NOT techno savvy we took the plunge and went for it!

Once we set a ‘Go Live’ date (20th May) we were given a programme of videos and training manuals to watch and read, then we had a two week schedule of direct online training sessions with Chris so we could interact and ask questions. What made this so useful was that we could use our actual data (customers, stock, suppliers, etc) as the basis for the training so it was totally relevant to us.

To help with ‘going live’ Chris and Kathie came over to WA and spent a week holding our hands and soothing our jangled nerves! This was enormously helpful and reassuring.

Naturally the first couple of weeks were a bit stressful, but the support from BBS was (and is continuing to be) outstanding. Support emails are either replied to quickly, or we receive a phone call if the problem is too difficult to resolve via email. Nothing really dumb that we did was too hard to fix! Chris, Kathie and Josie are so easy to communicate with and never make you feel like an idiot for asking a question.

As we started at the end of May, we have since survived both Stocktake and End of Financial Year with surprising ease. We are saving so much time and are also better off financially as the monthly costs are significantly lower.

We are so glad we made the move, and we would be happy to speak to anyone thinking of changing to BBS.

Jim, Dawn and Sue, Owners

Sterlings Office National

BBS has made a monumental transformation in the day to day running of our business with increased profitability from our stock control to staffing productivity. A complete package with integrated payroll and effortless accounting and reporting has also been beneficial.


This system is a cost effective solution that was nearly impossible with most other ERP systems we had looked at and Cloud based being an advantage to work remotely.


Support from Chris and his team is invaluable when needed. We highly recommend BBS to anyone looking at upgrading.

Shay Shepherd, Owner

Pakstat Office National

Our testimonial focuses on the building of an invaluable business relationship – the product speaks for itself."

In 2016 we recognised the need to upgrade our ERP system to replace our aged version of CLEAR. A couple of personal recommendations from OB members who had enjoyed a stress free conversion to BBS led us to a conversation with Chris.

From the outset we were impressed with Chris’ down to earth approach. Just an honest good value for money product. Exceptional advice. Plain English explanations. No hard sell, no hidden costs.

Chris happily drove three hours form Melbourne on a Saturday so that our staff could see the programme in action, ask questions, and have any fears allayed - this was an invaluable experience in assisting our decision to choose BBS.

The transition was seamless and the in-house training was exceptionally well planned and delivered with great patience and entertaining humour! 

Our staff quickly became confident and excited with BBS and we now have a comprehensive Business Management System that has created numerous time saving efficiencies across all areas of our operation. Since going live with BBS we have not had one problem that could not be overcome easily, without fuss and if necessary Chris has been willing to tweak little areas within the system to accommodate us.

The constant evolution of the program ensures our business is running efficiently and meeting the needs of the ever changing environment of IT.

We are thrilled to see Chris growing his business with the addition of skilled and helpful staff. We continue to have a very successful working relationship and we attribute that to the fact that Chris has taken the time to get to know our business intimately and appreciate the things that are important to us.

Kim and Gerard Tobin, Owners

Tobin Office National

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